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  • May 26th (Thursday): first poster drop off option
  • May 30th (Friday): second poster drop off option
  • June 6th: check your email for digital tickets for you +1 guest
  • June 11th: attend the art show + beer tasting
  • June 13th: extended show at fairstate brewing
  • June 28th or 7/2: pick up posters this week + get paid

Poster Pick Up

We have two pick up options to choose from. You can also contact us to schedule an alternative appointment. Please click a date to RSVP.

The BuzzFeed office is located in the Broadway building (upstairs from 612Brew) 945 Broadway St NE, Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN 55413. You can park in the lot off Tyler St and use the entrance next 612Brew or park on Broadway and enter via Spyhouse.

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Note: Do not include your Artist Proof (AP) used for display at the show in your count total and please submit 50 or less copies.
Note: Upload 100% resolution PNG or JPEG file.

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